Rewards and Benefits

The opportunities are out there in Dorset.
The opportunities are out there in Dorset.

Often the first point of contact for the public accessing health services, primary care is at the heart of health supporting an individual’s physical, psychological and social care needs.

The variety practices offer in Dorset is vast; from a rural, local community through to an area of high deprivation and poverty. The opportunity to make a difference to health care locally is great.

If you are a GP, Dorset offers partner, salaried and portfolio roles. As a nurse, Dorset offers practice and practitioner roles. There is also a multitude of other roles available from business and administration through to pharmaceutical and therapy based positions.

Personal Development

There is a strong focus on developing and supporting staff to be the best they can be in their roles. Just some of the opportunities include:

  • Mentoring and supervision
  • Training, locally and across Dorset to support CPD and practice development
  • Placements
  •  A range of engagement events and network meetings to have your say and get involved

We are also looking at graduate and apprenticeship scheme opportunities in primary care across Dorset, to ensure the future sustainability of our workforce.

Reaping the Rewards

The offer from our practices is competitive, and whilst determined locally by each practice, across Dorset the consistent offer is ensuring you find the right role for you and the right work-life balance. We are challenged every day in the work we provide, but we will support you to ensure you get the right balance. Just ask us how.

‘After work commute’
Photo taken by Dr Robin Birnie

‘Lulworth Sunset’
Photo taken by Dr Tom Riddlington

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