Working in Primary Care


Rosie Green, Strategic Business Manager at Lilliput Surgery

I joined Lilliput Surgery 8 months ago and have not looked back since. I work full time as a Strategic Business Manager and find it an incredibly rewarding, and challenging job. My working week is so varied; I can be dealing with operational issues such as management of the building and the equipment, recruitment and staff support and development, through to strategic planning and leading on improvement initiatives to ensure we continually grow and develop as a practice.

What I like best about the job is the scope to make real, tangible changes and improvements both to the services we offer patients and also to make sure NHS resources are being used effectively and efficiently. Making these improvements and working in a frontline environment is really rewarding.

Working in primary care offers huge opportunity for me to develop and grow as a professional. There’s always a lot to learn and it’s challenging and fast-paced. With all the focus and political inertia in primary care at the moment, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in shaping primary care locally to best meet patients’ needs, both now and for the future. There is also a great culture of collaboration amongst the local GP practices which offers plenty of support – a great benefit to a new practice manager!

Dorset is an amazing area to develop your career as a young professional; on the doorstep is a lifestyle that really suits me. Bournemouth and Poole are great for nightlife, entertainment and amenities, and when I want to get away from it all, the beaches and rural parts of Dorset provide unlimited space to unwind, relax and soak up the South Coast sunshine!

The opportunities are out there in Dorset. I have found my ideal job; come and find yours.


Anne Ashworth, Nurse Practitioner at Lilliput Surgery, Poole

I have been in nursing for 28 years, including 12 years in A & E and 8 years as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. I have spent the last 5 years in primary care. I have found my experience in A&E to have been a solid foundation to help me deal with the variety of conditions that I see from day to day in a GP surgery.

Lilliput is a forward thinking training practice, and I have found the GP Partners to be both approachable and appreciative as I seek to help them to care for patients in the local area. In addition the administration team have been hugely supportive in helping me ‘find my feet’ and get used to a new computer system.

Extended nursing roles have developed considerably in the hospital setting in recent years, and I’m very glad that primary care has followed this trend. We are all looking forward to welcoming a Practice Pharmacist to the team in the next few weeks.

I moved down from Lancashire 7 months ago and started at Lilliput surgery in January 2016. I work 20 hours over 4 days a week, and my work life balance is the best it has ever been…. I love the local lifestyle, the varied population and the variety of working in primary care.

I cycle to work. My route takes me along the sea front. If it’s rainy I head on a cycle route inland but I prefer the beach as I get to see the sun rise.

The opportunities are out there in Dorset. I have found my ideal job; come and find yours.

Dean Warren, Nurse Practitioner at Abbey View Medical Centre, Shaftesbury

Why do I do what I do? Simple; I am constantly learning, gaining new knowledge and seeing the benefits in the care I provide every day.

My working week involves two days at the practice, two days working in the community mental health team and one day at Bournemouth University teaching clinical skills.

I pick up new skills and knowledge every day and my role is flexible to ensure I have a rich and fulfilling job, whilst balancing my home and family life.

When I am in the practice, I see how cohesive and connected care with patients can be. It is a teaching practice, so the GPs I work with are always happy to support me should I have a query or need advice. I have great supervision and support from within the practice.

The opportunities are out there in Dorset. I have found my ideal job; come and find yours.

Isi Sosa
Salaried GP at Orchard Surgery, Christchurch
and Safeguarding Lead for NHS Dorset CCG

My ambition after completing my GP training was to find a role which was varied and fulfilling.

My week involves 4.5 sessions as a salaried GP for the Orchard Surgery in Christchurch and 4 sessions a week as a Safeguarding Lead working with the CCG. I also provide OOH cover and am currently studying the Mary Seacole leadership diploma, through the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy.

I am supported in every aspect of my role; with the surgery through mentoring from the partners, and in the CCG through the Quality Team led by the Director of Quality.

Each week I experience variety and I am constantly learning. I have the perfect balance between providing front line patient care, and implementing leadership and clinical guidance to the safeguarding agenda in Dorset. Each role complements each other and I feel that being given the opportunity to enrol on an NHS Leadership postgraduate diploma has made me a more holistic professional who has developed a passion for improving the way we deliver care to our patients.

Oh, and I also do this whilst bringing up my three year old daughter - it’s a juggling act!

The opportunities are out there in Dorset. I have found my ideal job; come and find yours.

Sam Abdollahian
Partner GP at Lilliput Surgery, Poole
A&E GP at Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Foundation Trust
Safeguarding Lead for NHS Dorset CCG

My working week has variety, is stretching and enables me to keep learning and developing in my role as a GP in Dorset.

I provide 7 sessions a week as a Partner for the Lilliput Surgery, 1 session a week providing A&E cover at Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Foundation Trust, and 2 sessions a week as a Safeguarding Lead working with the CCG.

I am well supported in each role and have great teams around me in each place of work. I believe the exposure to different portfolios of work benefits the patients I see as well as me.  I have an interesting and varied working week, I am constantly learning and get the benefits or working in team environments.

I have lived in and worked in Bournemouth for seven years following graduating from Southampton Medical School. During this time I have learnt to wake board and water ski, explore the Jurassic coast and Purbecks by foot and bike and also met my wife. I am a lover of the outdoors and could not move away from the area due to what it offers.  I am also lucky to have a degree of flexibility of the sessions meaning I have a week day off every fortnight as well as weekends which ensure a good work life balance.

The opportunities are out there in Dorset. I have found my ideal job; come and find yours.

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